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Elite Turf specializes in all areas of landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Our specialty services include artificial grass, putting greens, travertine, colored concrete curbing, irrigation, landscape lighting, plants and trees, and decorative rocks. All of our materials and installation services are guaranteed for your satisfaction. Get in touch with us today and experience the Elite Turf difference!

Artificial Grass

Elite Turf provides customers with a wide selection of premium-quality artificial grass. Durable, versatile, and designed to last, the grass requires minimal maintenance and can give any yard an impeccable finish. Elite Turf offers numerous styles and textures, and each of the synthetic grass varieties offers its own distinct advantages.

Putting Greens

Elite Turf also provides high-quality putting greens that are custom-made for the perfect performance. Made with low-maintenance, real-feel synthetic grass, these golf greens will add a great visual to your yard and also challenge any avid golfer.


Travertine pavers, manufactured by Elite Turf, can bring natural stone elements to any outdoor space. They are available in different sizes, textures, and colors, and their interlocking design allows for intricate and elegant pathways, walkways and patios.

Colored Concrete Curbing

Add a decorative and personalized touch to your outdoor space with Elite Turf’s colored concrete curbing. Offered in multiple colors and styles, these durable concrete edging solutions come with long-lasting durability, ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of any outdoor area.


Elite Turf also specializes in irrigation solutions. Its efficient irrigation systems will keep your yard looking healthy and hydrated with minimal effort. They provide convenience and can save you time and money.

Landscape Lighting

Complete your outdoor oasis with landscape lighting solutions from Elite Turf. Illuminate your garden, pool, and outdoor patio with stylish outdoor lights and add both aesthetic value and security to your outdoor area.

Plants and Trees

Fill your outdoor space with lush plants and trees from Elite Turf. Select from an extensive variety of high-quality, durable trees and plants to suit your aesthetic and make the most out of your yard.

Decorative Rocks

In addition, Elite Turf also offers decorative rocks that can add a unique and attractive touch to any landscaping project. With various sizes and styles to choose from, Elite Turf’s rocks will provide both functionality and aesthetic value to your garden or yard.

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